National Technology Commercialization Program

The National Technology Commercialization Program (NTCP) was institutionalized by the DA-BAR in 2005 to ensure that technologies will be strategically placed and transferred to areas and communities that most need them. It ensures and will continue to work for the transformation of agriculture and fisheries from resource-based to technology-based industries.

It highlights research breakthroughs and mature technologies generated and developed by R&D institutions and serves as a vehicle for incubation and sensitization of emerging technologies that will enhance the value-adding of products and processes thus leading to a more competitive position of local industries to both domestic and foreign markets. As such, the NTCP will also serve as a vital tool for the development of enterprises and the improvement of agriculture and fisheries-related industries anchored on appropriate activities emphasizing technology transfer, adoption, and utilization,(technology transfer covers all activities from adaptive/verification stages, technology incubation towards promotion, beta-testing, and mass commercialization and adoption.

The NTCP complements the Community-Based Participatory Action Research Program (CPAR) wherein this CPAR program shall be the entry point of NTCP as it serves as on-farm technology demonstration and assessment arena for potential suitable technologies for the communities. Attention is given to the strengthening of a market-driven approach for holistic and integrated development. Since 2005 up to present, BAR has a total of 57 crop technologies, 14 fisheries technologies and 14 livestock technologies commercialized.