Knowledge Products and Services

The Knowledge Products and Services Program (KPSP) program enhances information flow among stakeholders in R&D system to the policymakers, research administrators, extension specialist, general public and most especially, the farmers and fisherfolk.

To further broaden the stock of knowledge and information, the program provides publication grants to research institutions, DA staff bureaus and attached agencies, RFUs, SCUs, SEC-registered organizations and non-profit scientific organizations.

The grant covers support to the publication of proceedings of scientific meeting, refereed journals, research methodology manuals, book writing and co-sponsorship grant for scientific meetings.

The Bureau's KM program focuses on the gathering of R&D results and their translation into multimedia R&D information packages. ATI, in turn, through its Development Support Communication program takes over and disseminates these R&D information packages in support of planned extension and training programs and related activities of the institute.

Overall, the program focuses on technology and information dissemination from technology generators to users.