Human Resource Development Program

The IDG is divided into two: Human Resource Development (HRD) and R&D Facilities Development. Both programs cater to National Research and Development System for Agriculture and Fisheries (NaRDSAF) member institutions. NaRDSAF includes DA National (staff bureaus/attached agencies) and Regional R&D centers (DA-RIARCs/BFAR-RFRDCs), national and regional State Universities and Colleges (SUC's), and Provincial Technological Institutes for Agriculture and Fisheries (PTIAF's). The program aims to enhance the capabilities of the NaRDSAF member institutions to efficiently and effectively implement and manage R&D programs/activities in agriculture and fisheries. This also improves the quality of research outputs through state-of-the-art laboratory equipment in the international arena.

Human Resource Development (HRD) Program

This is composed of Degree and Non-degree Scholarship Program. The Degree Scholarship program is for any R&D employees who wish pursue graduate studies (M.S. or PhD). Meanwhile, the Non-Degree Scholarship program covers assistance to the conduct of thesis/dissertation studies that address major problems and concerns in agriculture and fisheries. Field of studies include: crop science, veterinary medicine, fisheries, social science, farm resources, computer science and relevant fields. 

As of date, a total of 129 grantees were served through BAR's Degree Scholarship Program (65 PhD and 64 MS) since the program started in CY 2000. Out of these, a total of 88 already completed their studies (46 from PhD and 42 from the MS degree). The non-degree program of BAR also provides financial assistance to researchers and scientists to enable them to attend specialized training (local or abroad), represent the country in collaborative R&D undertakings, or present research papers in international scientific fora. Financial assistance is also granted to scientists or research personnel who wish to engage in short-term basic research through postdoctoral or fellowship awards.

As of date, a total of 442 grantees (373 foreign travels and 69 local travels) were assisted since CY 2006. Through BAR's Thesis/ Dissertation Assistance Program (TDAP), a total of 63 grantees (15 DA and 48 Non-DA) were supported through this program since CY 2006. The program's objective is to provide financial support to all members of NaRDSAF for the conduct of thesis/ dissertation in the fields of agriculture, fisheries and their allied fields. The topic should be consistent with the goals of the AFMA and DA's MTDP.