Facilities Development Program

With a highly capable and developed pool of R&D personnel, it is but only just that they be provided the latest or state-of-art facilities that are comparable to their foreign counterparts if the agriculture and fisheries industry is to stay at par with other countries with the event of world trade and competition. The program supports the acquisition of scientific and information technology equipment; construction and renovation of R&D facilities (office buildings, laboratories, and experimental farms); and basic R&D support facilities of NaRDSAF member institutions. From 2005-2011, the program has funded 164 IDG projects distributed among the DA-Bureaus, DA-RIARCS/RFRDCs, Regional SUCs, LGUs and private institutions in the agricultural and fisheries sector.

It is envisioned that by the end of the medium term, 2016, majority of R&D facilities across strategic hubs/networks across the country will have been upgraded and modernized to best serve the priority needs of the scientific community and as instrumental agents that will drive the growth and progress of the rural agriculture and fishery communities through the responsive delivery of services and technological interventions.