The Philippines is recognized as the eighth most biologically diverse country in the world. This biodiversity is a huge resource that can be exploited using biotechnology to create new products and new industries to satisfy the growing demand for natural ingredients for nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical applications in humans and animals. Integrated processing can extract as many commercial products from traditional agricultural produce

Biotechnology, or technology based from biology, agriculture, food science and medicine remains an “unchartered territory” which the country should cash in on as it is believed to have big market potential all over the world.

BAR has been supporting the Agriculture and Fisheries Biotech R&D Program through the DA-Biotechnology Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in funding priority R&D projects and activities of the different agencies within the DA and other stakeholders such as the NAST, UPLB BIOTECH, SUC’s and private organizations. DA and BAR supported the harnessing of biotech in developing the industry for natural ingredients as well as applied biotechnology for improving crop yield, resistance to pests, and adaptation to climate change. Hence, it can be able to provide long term solutions to some of our major crop production problems.