Basic and Strategic Research

Since its establishment, BAR has been supporting and prioritizing researches that focus on continuous improvement of the knowledge bank on agriculture and fisheries (A&F) and those that concentrate on the generation, verification and dissemination of technologies to enhance yield and productivity of farmers & fisherfolk.

BAR gives funding priority to applied research aimed at creating significant impact on the lives of the farmers and fisherfolk and stimulate rural development through community-based approaches. BAR also support the conduct of basic or upstream research that is aimed at addressing persistent and emerging issues and concerns in the sector. Emphasis is given to the national priority programs such as organic agriculture, climate change, biofuel feedstock research, biotechnology and indigenous plants for health and wellness. From 2006-2011, BAR has supported and funded 379 researches, of which 18 was  basic researches and 361 applied/strategic researches which responds to the needs of its clientele, industry, farmers/fisherfolk and the policymakers.