Progress Review of Impact Assessment of PNS for OA

DA-Bureau of Research (BAR), in collaboration with technical experts from DA-National Organic Agriculture Program and Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards; and the National Organic Agriculture Board, conducted a progress review for the project Impact Assessment of Relevant Philippine National Standards (PNS) on Organic Agriculture on 13 September 2023 virtually.

Researchers and project implementers from the University of the Philippines Los Baños presented the actual project accomplishments and financial performance which were then reviewed by the technical experts and staff vis-à-vis its objectives and targets.

With funding support from DA-BAR, the ongoing project aims to determine the impacts of relevant Philippine National Standards on organic agriculture in relation to integrity and marketability of organic agricultural products. Issues, challenges, and opportunities as well as consumer awareness on OA were also discussed to improve the existing PNS on organic agriculture.