Nat'l and int'l partners hold inception meeting for TA on climate resilience

DA-Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR), as one of the executing agencies, participated in the inception workshop for the project, titled Technical Assistance on Accelerating Climate Resilience in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and the Environment, on 8 September 2023 at Luxent Hotel, Quezon City.  

The bureau will be coordinating Output 1.3 or the development of climate-smart agricultural technologies. Other executing/implementing agencies, DA-Climate Resilient Agriculture Office, DA-National Organic Agriculture Program, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Finance, and DoF-Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation, will be working on the delivery of various outputs. These include strengthening resilience in agriculture, institutionalization of climate, resilient agriculture, expansion of organic agriculture, climate resilience of natural resources and ecosystems, and improving agricultural insurance for climate risk management.

Organized by NIRAS Asia Manila, Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture & ICEM Asia Consulting Pte. Ltd, the activity aims to finetune the draft workplan activities and timelines as well as provide a venue for participating agencies to level off on TA expectations, and respective roles and responsibilities.