Satellite Agriculture (SAGRI)

In line with the Bureau’s thrust to forge more international partnerships, DA-BAR officials led by Assistant Director Joell H. Lales discussed possible collaboration with SAGRI Corporate Private Limited represented by Dr. Kazuki Sakamoto, head of ASEAN Business based in Singapore on 1 February 2024 at the DA-BAR Office in Quezon City.

SAGRI (or short for Satellite Agriculture) is an agri-tech corporation with technological superiority in satellite data-based farmland demarcation and soil analysis with 85% accuracy. Mr. Sakamoto was offering the SAGRI technology which can provide 10x cheaper and 10x faster fertilizer optimization recommendation based on soil analysis compared to the conventional way. He added that SAGRI technologies combine satellite data and artificial intelligence in fertilizer and water optimization thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions while still improving the quality of yield. Assistant Director Lales said the technology is a good investment considering the faster results of soil analysis in support to precision and digital agriculture.

Joining the discussion meeting were DA-BAR Program Development Division Head Raymond Patrick Cabrera and Assistant Head Kris Thea Marie Hernandez; and Program Monitoring, Evaluation and Linkaging OIC Head Julia Lapitan and technical staff Engr. Niña Mae Talaro.