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Discussion Meeting on Climate Change

To provide updates on the efforts of ongoing activities being conducted in crafting policy reform agenda in line with the DA-Climate Change Action Program, representatives from collaborating institutions visited the DA-Bureau of Agricultural Research on 18 January 2024 at OD Conference Hall, DA-BAR, Quezon City.

 Greg Willis, International Livestock Feed Advisor, AANC Pty Ltd; Manir Ryne, Country Focal, NIRAS, and Dr. Saturnina Halos discussed the progress of the ADB Technical Assistance on three research for development activities focused on developing climate-smart agriculture technologies on abaca value chain, seaweed, and livestock feed.

 DA-Bureau of Agricultural Research director Junel B. Soriano provided insights and recommendations on the packaging and implementation of r4d projects.  These include catch up efforts on identifying and working with  r4d implementing agencies, and crafting policy recommendations towards improving technical capacities and increasing budget for climate resiliency R4D.

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