Testimonies from Tacunan, Davao City

Electrical Engr. Orlando and Alma Morales, are among the cattle raisers from the barangay of Tacunan in Tugbok District who adopted technologies introduced under the Community-based Participatory Action Research (CPAR) project “Dairy Cow Feeds Processing” in Davao City.

Conceptualized through the Southern Mindanao Integrated Agricultural Research Center (SMIARC) of the Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Office (DA-RFO) Davao, the CPAR project gave solutions as regards to low-cost dairy cow feeds formulation— leading the family to reduce their costs and increase their income.

Since raising cattles had always been a family activity in the Morales compound, they had been producing around 700 to 800 liters of milk per month compared with the average milk production of 90 liters.

“With CPAR, I was able to venture on the cattle raising industry. Almost 700-800 liters of milk were produced by my farm every month with more than ten people working with me. This will not only address the economic needs of my family, but more importantly, the people who depend on the dairy industry,” Orlando said.

CPAR is one of the DA-BAR's banner programs that aims to empower farming and fishing communities through information-based decision-making. Utilizing the community-based approach, CPAR is geared toward verifying the technical and economic feasibility of mature technologies in specific locations and at the farmers’ level prior to widespread adoption.