Testimonies from Palague and San Pablo, Pampanga

An active member of the Vizal San Pablo Cooperative, one of the known local suppliers of duck and quail eggs, Rosalie Nogoy is one of the farmer cooperators partnered under the project “Community-Based Participatory Action Research (CPAR) on Rice Based Integrated Farming System (Rice+Duck/Quail Raising) in Palague and San Pablo, Candaba, Pampanga” that provided farmers with cost-reducing technology interventions such as preparation and application of organic fertilizers, use of drum seeders, as well as trainings on proper usage of seeder machines for grinding kangkong as feeds for ducks.

With the goal of boosting agricultural production and income derived for both crops and poultry, the CPAR project had helped farmers in raising ducks and quails as additional sources of income in rice-based production system. In addition, cooperative membership increased from 36 to 63 members. It has developed its own lending system; hence, resulting to an increase and improvement in their income and livelihood.

All of these were initiated thru CPAR, one of the DA-BAR's banner programs that aims to empower farming and fishing communities through mature and relevant technologies. Utilizing the community-based approach, CPAR is geared toward verifying the technical and economic feasibility of technologies in specific locations and at the farmers’ level to scale out for widespread adoption.