Brown Bag Seminar on Photography.

In an effort to further capacitate its information officers, the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR), through its Applied Communication Division, led a one-day seminar-workshop on photography on 11 February 2019, its basic concepts and principle involving hands-on activities on capturing meaningful images and appropriate techniques.

Juan Carlos Santiago, director and chief editor of PTV 4’s Mag-Agri Tayo, served as the resource speaker for the seminar-workshop. He started the seminar by pointing out the foundational concepts of getting a good image. “A good image starts with the eye,” he said. He also discussed the technical side to photography that involved setting the camera with the correct exposure, white balance, composition, and putting a story to an image.

The participants were able to apply their learnings during the workshop as they were tasked to come up with their own creative shots photographed using a DSLR in manual mode. It was Santiago's objective for the workshop to train participants not only to use the camera as a tool in creating the best possible image but more importantly, to invest in one owns creativity to produce an image that tells a story. ###