DLF Resources Pty. Ltd. visits BAR

With the interest to be oriented on the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) R&D programs and priorities, DLF Resources Pty. Ltd. CEO Darren Grant visited the bureau for a meeting on 2 September 2019.


The DLF Resources Pty. Ltd., based in Melbourne, Australia, is a company which focuses on carbon sequestration by regeneration of native forests and provision of positive environmental, social, and economic outcomes to rural communities.


Presented in the meeting were the mandate and thrusts of the bureau, focusing on the promotion and commercialization of agricultural products from farm to market. Also discussed was BAR’s engagement on technology business incubation with its partners and clientele.


Part of the visit was a tour in the Technology Commercialization Center where BAR-funded products developed through R&D are showcased. ###