ADePt-TBI showcases incubation approach in promoting farm-level production technologies

Showcasing its initial success in the promotion of farm-level production technologies, the

Agribusiness and Developed Processed Products–Technology Business Incubation Program (ADePt-TBI) in partnership with DA-Cagayan Valley-Nueva Vizcaya Experiment Station (NVES) conducted its first-ever Farmers’ Field Day to promote the use of off-season onion production technology in Cubag, Cabagan, Isabela on 16 December 2023.

Off-Season Onion Production

At the heart of this paradigm shift is the off-season onion production technology developed by  Salvador Bulda of DA-NVES. The technology showcases a new cropping period from September (sowing), October (planting), January-February (harvesting) as opposed to the regular season falling on the months of December (sowing), January (planting), March-April (harvesting).

Hosted by the Cabagan GIFTS Agricultural Cooperative, the ADePt-TBI incubatee, the said Farmers’ Field Day on Off-Season Onion Production is the first to be done in Isabela province as the technology has only been widely promoted and used in Nueva Vizcaya. 

Attended by more than 100 farmers from Cabagan, Isabela, officials from the provincial and municipal agriculture offices, the Cabagan GIFTS was able to showcase the effective use of the package of technology such as the use of tunnel-type rain shelters, variety (Super Pinoy), cropping period, raised beds, and nutrient management using the result of soil laboratory analysis.

Bulda commended the cooperative under the supervision of the ADePt-TBI for successfully following the technology, which yielded to a good crop production, considering that they are new to the use of the technology.

Paradigm Shift

Originally focused on the promotion, transfer, and commercialization of food processing technologies developed by the DA-Cagayan Valley Research Center, the ADePt-TBI expanded its operations in 2023 to include not only technologies from other research centers and experiment stations but to also highlight those with farm-level application.

The shift is due to the need for a more inclusive technology promotion and transfer program aimed to empower more local farmers and incubatees through a deeper and more diverse pipeline of technologies.

Expanding impact, building on success

The expansion of ADePt-TBI's focus to include farm-level production technologies aligns with its broader mission of fostering a resilient and dynamic agribusiness ecosystem. By empowering local farmers with the latest advancements, the incubator aims to create a ripple effect, positively impacting the entire agricultural value chain.

Looking ahead, ADePt-TBI will continue to engage in the promotion and utilization of farm-level technologies through the use of urban farming technologies. The introduction of shared-use facilities for greenhouse farming will represent a strategic move towards sustainable and smart agriculture.

By January 2024, Innergrow, an enterprise initially funded and supported by the Young Farmers Challenge program of the DA-Agribusiness and Marketing Division and now an ADePt-TBI incubatee, will occupy these facilities, utilizing technologies such as nutrient film techniques, deep water culture, vertical growing towers, and others. (### Patrick Atabay)