3 DA-BAR funded, DA-Cagayan Valley-led proj featured in 6th Int’l Rice Congress

Three DA-BAR-funded projects implemented by DA-Cagayan Valley were featured in the sixth International Rice Congress held on 16-19 October 2023 at the Philippine International Convention Center, Pasay City. Convened by the International Rice Research Institute every four years, IRC is a scientific platform for rice-based food systems innovators to work towards shaping a food- and nutrition-secure future.

The first project is the Community Based Participatory Action Research (CPAR) on Rainfed Rice-based Areas in Namabbalan Norte, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan implemented in 2019 to 2021. This introduced rice-rice-mungbean cropping pattern to farmers which increased the rice yield from 1.43 t ha-1 to 4.96 t ha-1 (346%) during wet season, and from 5.5 t ha-1 to 6.4 t ha-1 (16.4%) during dry season, with 10-14% (PhP 4,408.96-7,258.08) significant reduction in the cost of rice production per hectare. From the 24 farmer-cooperators during its implementation, 174 farmers from Namabbalan Norte and Sur adopted the technology interventions introduced through the project.

The second is the Outscaling of Rice-Based Farming System (Rice + Duck) in Open Source Pump Irrigated Areas in Ilagan and Tumauini, Isabela implemented in 2020 to 2022. Developed by DA-Cagayan Valley in 2014, this farming system controlled golden apple snails and weeds, and increased rice yield by 36%. This low-cost technology led to business enterprises, such as duck meat processing and egg processing. It increased the net income for farmers, reaching an estimated average of PhP 75,000, compared to rice monocropping.  From the initial 150 farmer-cooperators, 19 more farmers have adopted the technology.

The third project is the Upscaling and Commercialization of DA-Cagayan Valley Research Center developed brown rice food products in Cagayan Valley Region implemented in 2020 to 2022. The project commercialized the brown rice products under the trademark Nana Oryza Rice Delicacies, which includes puffed rice, cookies, flour, and Panderise (pan de sal blended with brown rice flour), in partnership with Lucban Small Water Irrigation System Association. As of 27 October 2023, the association sold brown rice products amounting to PhP 377,655.

The DA-Cagayan Valley has two more projects featured in the congress, Technology Commercialization of Multi-stress Tolerant Rice Varieties for Upland Farming Communities and Modified Planting Calendar cum Mechanization in Water Pump Irrigated Rice Areas of Quirino, Philippines: Reducing Adverse Weather Effect to Rice Yield. (### Rena S. Hermoso)