Soriano keynotes int'l conference on smart agri technologies

DA-Bureau of Agricultural Research director Junel B. Soriano underscored the crucial role of smart agriculture in addressing complex challenges confronting the agriculture industry of the country during the opening program of Smart Agriculture International Conference held on 28 September 2023 at Cagayan State University, Gonzaga, Cagayan.

 “With the existence of smart agriculture practices and technologies, farmers can enhance the quality and yield of high-value crops while also reducing resource wastage and environmental impact. This approach can lead to more sustainable and profitable farming operations in the long run,” said Soriano in his keynote address.

He furthered that the bureau, being the research for development (R4D) coordinating arm of the agriculture department, has continuously pursued R4D initiatives that promote smart agriculture technologies.

 “Funding and supporting research projects of our partners are deemed vital to drive innovation and ensure the adoption of cutting-edge technologies that can enhance the sustainability and productivity of agriculture,” he said.

  To advance R4D in smart agriculture, he also underscored the importance of strengthening collaboration and partnership among local and international stakeholders from government agencies, universities, research institutions, and private sectors.

 With the theme Shaping the Futures of Agriculture: Trends and Insights in SMART Agriculture, the three-day event was participated by scholars, researchers, educators, industry-players, decision-makers, and farmers around the globe to share knowledge, best practices, and insights in agriculture, in contribution to the commitment of higher education institutions, in meeting sustainable development goals. (### Angelo N. Padura and Geline Nicole A. Morillo)