Nat'l and int'l partners collaborate to accelerate climate resilience

In line with the goal to accelerate climate change resilience in agriculture, natural resources, and the environment in the Philippines, various national and international partner agencies collaborate to provide technical assistance (TA) towards delivery of various outputs.

The Asian Development Bank, NIRAS, and TA implementing agencies (Departments of Agriculture, Finance, and Environment and Natural Resources) will be working together to improve, strengthen, and achieve resilience in agriculture, institutionalization of climate resilient agriculture, expansion of organic agriculture, climate resilience of natural resources and ecosystems, and agricultural insurance for climate risk management. In particular, DA agencies are the Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR), Climate Resilient Agriculture Office, and National Organic Agriculture Program. 

On 8 September 2023, an inception workshop was conducted in Quezon City to finetune the draft workplan activities, timelines, and expected output of the program, hence, level off TA expectations, and respective roles and responsibilities of participating agencies. This was organized by NIRAS, Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture, and ICEM Asia Consulting Pte. Ltd.

As one the executing agencies, the DA-BAR, through the TA, will support three R4D activities to develop climate-smart agriculture technologies on abaca value chain, seaweed, and livestock. 

Also, through a policy-based loan, ADB commits to provide TA support for the bureau's policy reform agenda in line with the DA-Climate Change Action Program. This includes the improvement of the local pool of researchers on climate resiliencyadding value to the pursuit of an increased budget.

Aside from state universities and colleges, DA-BAR suggested also considering other government research institutions who are members of the Agriculture and Fisheries Resources Research and Extension for Development Network to maximize capacities and resources.

The said TA is complementary to and linked to a separate ADB TA which is focused on conducting policy study towards advocating for an increased R4D budget and providing R4D support for climate-smart agricultural technologies. It will be provided to DA-BAR by the Agence Francaise de Developpement  through the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development. (### Ma. Eloisa H. Aquino)