UPLB releases handbooks to promote agricultural livelihood options

The University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), through the UPLB Foundation Inc., released a series of publications titled, May Pera sa Agrikultura. 

Funded by DA-BAR, the first installment features quail raising, mango production, native pig raising, organic agriculture, and organic soil amendments. Management practices and economic indicators based on respective assumptions were presented in each handbook. 

Further, success stories of beneficiaries and adapters of the technologies were also featured to inspire more farmers and raisers to benefit from the technologies.


Quail Raising

Authored by Cisima P. Lavega, the handbook shared tips on how to venture into quail farming business, growing and rearing management including housing and facilities, and brooding management. Popular quail eggs and meat recipes are also featured in the handbook. 

With an initial cost of production of PhP 43,336 in one season, a raiser can generate a total income amounting to PhP 60,250.  The return on investment for the first and second year is 28.36% and 53%, respectively.


Native Pig Raising

To further promote native pig raising in the country and its potential, Carla Alilie Lontoc-Junsay and Jorge Michael D. Dominguez summarized discussions on native pig breeds, breeding, feeds and feed management, management practices including herd management, and housing. 

Operation cost from grower to finisher is estimated at PhP 112,245, a net income of PhP 22,755 can be realized in a year with three production cycles per year.


Mango Production

As a number of publications on mango production have already been published, Dr. Calixto M. Protacio and Johnrell S. Zuniega put emphasis on the agribusiness aspect of mango production in this handbook. 

Aside from scheduling production, the book also discussed the site selection, canopy management, flower and fruit regulation, crop protection and nutrition, and harvesting and postharvest operations. 

A net income of PhP 245,945 per hectare can be noted from a PhP 48,854.63 production cost.


Organic Vegetable Farming

Offering concepts and practical information on organic farming, Dr. Blesilda M. Calub and Nadine B. Coronado prepared a handbook for organic vegetable growers, practitioners, trainers, advocates, and even teachers. 

From getting familiar with organic agriculture, topics on how to grow organic vegetables, organic pest management and the business prospects were presented.


Organic Soil Amendments

Dr. Gina Villegas Pangga, in her authored handbook, further aims to promote composting and soil organic amendment. These include benefits and products of composting, ways and keys to produce quality compost including right ingredients and used materials, among other things. 

Considered capital intensive in the beginning (approximately PhP 500,000), it is a money spinning business in a short time with one possibly earning PhP 212,040. (### Ma. Eloisa H. Aquino)