DA-BAR OIC-director inspires employees to serve with passion

DA-BAR OIC-director Joell H. Lales encourages all its employees to work with positivity and passion in delivering the mandates of the bureau, hence, further improving its research for development (R4D) services. This he stated in his New Year’s message during the first flag raising ceremony at the bureau for 2023.

“Like the three wise men who followed the Star to reach Bethlehem, let’s always seek the light, let’s all be continuously enlightened in what we do personally and in the workplace, as the light will guide us to better aspects, better level of ourselves for our families and for our work. Let us all look forward, positively and let this radiate to our ultimate beneficiaries– the farmers [and fisherfolk].” OIC Lales said. 

He also reminded everyone that they are using government resources and it should be spent and invested wisely. But he added that everyone should always find time to enjoy their work in a way that it will feel like they are just living their passions and their dreams. 

“Make your work fruitful yet enjoyable and let us always foster a harmonious working relationship with everyone, without baggage, just working freely, speaking freely, moving freely as this office is our second home, our second family.” Lales added. 

He also encouraged employees who want to pursue further studies to do it now for their personal development and advancement. He directed the monitoring and evaluation group to document more impactful success stories from the BAR-funded projects for the last 35 years as he rallied the employees to pursue progress in everything they do. 

“Again let us welcome 2023 with much excitement and passion to be able to deliver our mandate alongside our pursuit to elevate our BAR of Excellence. The success of BAR is everyone’s success.” Lales ended his speech with emphasis on this. (### Maria Ruby G. Lumongsod)