DA-BAR reviews 2021 work performance, holds 2022 mid-year review and planning

DA-BAR held its 2021 Agency Review Conference and 2022 First Semester Performance Assessment cum Mid-Year Planning Workshop on 7 to 9 September 2022 at the 4th floor, RDMIC Bldg, Quezon City. 

Spearheaded and facilitated by the DA-BAR Performance Management Team (PMT), the activity aimed to assess the performance of the bureau’s divisions and units respective of their success indicators for 2021 and 2022 First Semester. 

“Playing a vital role in the research for development of the agricultural sector, the bureau commits to its stakeholders that the service it provides is nothing short of excellent,” said DA-BAR assistant director for Research Support Services and PMT chairperson Dr. Anthony B. Obligado. 

“To achieve this and ensure that the bureau’s mandate is upheld and successfully delivered, it is important to note that the set clear objectives and targets are both quantifiable and feasible,” he added. 

The division and unit heads from the Office of the Assistant Director for Programs and Office of the Assistant Director for Research Support Services presented their respective accomplishments and mid-year plans. They highlighted their work performance based on their core responsibilities to gather PMT’s feedback and assistance in goal setting. 

The outputs derived from this workshop will be used to enhance the bureau’s overall administrative and technical operations for the succeeding period. 

To end the three-day activity, DA-BAR assistant director for Programs and PMT vice chairperson Joell H. Lales expressed his utmost gratitude to the DA-BAR officials and staff for their commitment and support to the bureau. 

“This conference serves its purpose of making us realize the reasons behind the level of performance that we achieved last calendar year and this year’s first semester. Continuous improvement in our systems and quality of service is an essential factor that could lead us to more successful years of coordinating, integrating, and funding R4DE programs, projects and activities,” he said. (### Lea B. Calmada)