Handbook promotes stingless bee propagation in the Philippines

To increase awareness on the importance of stingless bees on crop production through pollination services, the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), through its Agricultural Systems Institute, launched the handbook, titled Propagation of Stingless Bees, Tetragonula biroi in the Philippines, on 26 July 2022 during the anniversary of the Organic Agriculture Research, Development, and Extension Center, UPLB. 

The book discusses the propagation, management, and conversation of Philippine stingless bees. Divided into four parts, it tackles the following: getting to know stingless bees, managing in wooden hives, harvesting and processing bee products, and processing value-added products. 

According to the research team, the book aims to enhance skills in the proper management of bees, and in the production and processing of bee products so beekeepers can upscale their operation into business enterprises. 

Farmers, entrepreneurs, professionals, environmentalists, researchers, students, policy makers, and other interested individuals are also expected to learn and benefit from the said publication funded by DA-BAR. 

DA-BAR, since 2011, has supported a number of researches conducted by the UPLB Bee program. These projects aimed to contribute in increasing agricultural productivity through good management practices; and increasing income through development of various product lines. (### Ma. Eloisa H. Aquino)