ACEF 2022 Call for Proposal


The Department of Agriculture - Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR) invites you to prepare and submit proposals in support of the technology commercialization of agricultural and fishery products and on upgrading of agriculture & fisheries R4D facilities for review and possible funding support under the ACEF R&D Grant. The physical copies of proposals must be submitted on or before November 30, 2021, while the electronic copy must also be sent in this email.

Herewith are the memo regarding this call for proposal, guidelines for proposal and budgetary, detailed proposal format and attachments, and formatted excel of financial analysis (for technology commercialization proposal).


2022 ACEF R&D Grant Call for Proposal
ACEF Project Briefer
BAR-PDD-OP-01F3 Rev. 1 Workplan Schedule
BAR-PDD-OP-01F4 Rev. 1 Budget Summary and Worksheet Details
BAR-PDD-OP-01F5 Rev. 1 Project Summary
BAR-PDD-OP-01F6 Rev. 1 Logical Framework
BAR-PDD-OP-01F8 Rev. 1 Annex Table 2 Travel Description Form
BAR-PDD-OP-01F10 Rev. 1 Annex Table 4 Sample list of items under printing services
BAR-PDD-OP-01F11 Rev. 1 Annex Table 5 Meetingworkshoptraining description form
BAR-PDD-OP-01F23 Rev. 1 Technology Commercialization Detailed Proposal Format
BAR-PDD-OP-01F24-RFDG Rev. 1 Detailed Proposal
BAR-PDD-OP-01F25 Rev. 1 RFDG Budgetary Requirement Form
BAR-PDD-OP-01F26 Rev. 1 RFDG Existing Needs Gap Analysis Matrix
Budget computation
Business Plan Outline
Financial Viability Template
Guidelines for Technology Commercialization Proposals

For inquiries, you may contact the bureau’s Research Program Development Division – Technology Management Section (RPDD-TMS) c/o Ms. Ethcel Princess Libang or Ms. Chrystel Fonseca at (02)8461-2900 local 2137 and 2134, and Institutional Development Section (RPDD-IDS) c/o Ms. Marjorie Mosende or Eng. Marvin Evangelista at local 2112 and 2113 or thru email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..