Soriano recaps 2023 bureau reforms and accomplishments, lays down plans for 2024

DA-Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) director Junel B. Soriano delivered a State of the Bureau Address during the first Flag Raising Ceremony of the year on 8 January 2024 at DA-BAR Grounds, Quezon City.

 In his address, the director gave a recap of the accomplishments as well as challenges that the bureau has faced in 2023.

 “In the previous year, we have established several reforms to ensure that the bureau’s service delivery is continuously improving and evolving even in the midst of challenges. These include adaptive strategies and innovative ways that are geared towards providing responsive solutions to the challenges faced by our farmers and fisherfolk,” he said.

Likewise, an audiovisual presentation highlighting the bureau’s 2023 major programs and activities was presented. Among the notable accomplishments include the packaging and dissemination of the updated Grants Manual, launching of the National Agriculture and Fisheries Research For Development and Extension 2023 to 2028 Agenda, enhancing of the Agriculture and Fisheries Resources, Research and Extension Development Network (AFRREDNguidelines, scoping and appraisal activities, as part of the PARTNERS approach, and conduct of the National Agriculture and Fisheries Technology Exhibition, BAR Scholar’s Fellowship night, and Sustainable Challenge Awards.

 The said AVP highlighted how the bureau continuously advocates programs, expand, connect, communicate technologies, acknowledge partners, and most importantly learn from each activity.

 Moving forward to F.Y. 2024, director Soriano underscored some of the reforms and plans that he has laid out for the bureau.

 “We envision a more strengthened DA-BAR with an improved service delivery through the proposed BAR Restructuring….Consequently, the bureau will continue its pursuit of a harmonized R4D and extension service through the OneRDEAP. We also aim to improve our budget planning and fund utilization which will allow us to propose for a larger chunk of funds in the coming fiscal years.

 Director Soriano also acknowledged the bureau staff for their dedication, resilience, and hard work. “The bureau has undergone several impactful changes over the previous year, but one thing was evident in all those– that the bureau management and its staff has remained steadfast and resilient as ever,” he said. (### Ma. Eloisa H. Aquino)