Call for Proposal 2025

The DA-BAR is now accepting proposals from R4D implementing partners for possible funding and implementation in CY 2025 focusing on the Department of Agriculture's (DA) strategies and objectives to boost productivity and minimize production and postproduction costs, the following are the bureau's Research and Development ( R4D) Thrust and Priorities and the call for Proposals for funding and implementation in CY 2025.
  1. Livestock and Poultry R4D (Swine, Chicken, Duck, Cattle, Carabao, Goat)
  2. Corn, Cassava, and Soybean R4D
  3. High-Value Crops R4D (Mango, Banana, Coffee, Cacao, Vegetables)
  4. Organic Agriculture R4D
Submit your proposals on or before 29 March 2024 (Friday) at 5:00 PM through a Google form using this link: or scan the QR code below.
For more information, kindly check: Call for Proposal CY 2025
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