Legislative history of RDE in Agriculture and Fisheries

A.Under the US Government

In 1901, the United States Philippine Commission created the Insular Bureau of Agriculture under the Department of Interior. The Bureau was given the following mandate: “to conduct investigations and disseminate useful information with reference to the agricultural resources of the Philippine Islands, the methods of cultivation at present in vogue and their improvement, the practicability of introducing new and valuable agricultural products, the introduction of new domesticated animals, and improvement of the breeds of domesticated animals now found in the Islands.”

In 1916, the Philippine Legislature reorganized the government creating the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources (DANR), replacing the Bureau of Agriculture.

B.Post Liberation

In 1953, the Bureau of Agricultural Extension was created under the DANR.

C.Martial Law Years

In September 26, 1972, the first decree promulgated by then President Ferdinand E. Marcos was for the reorganization of the Executive Branch of the Government. For DANR, no major changes took place except for the further expansion of the Department.

D.Post EDSA Revolution

The first serious attempt to integrate research, development, and extension activities in agriculture and fisheries by the government was done by President Corazon C. Aquino in 1986 when under the Freedom Constitution she issued Executive Order 116 reorganizing the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Under this EO, the government addressed the lack of coordination and integration of agriculture research and development among the existing bureaus, councils, and agencies by creating s under the Research, Training, and Extension Group.

BAR’s specific mandate to coordinate agricultural research was affirmed by EO 292, otherwise known as the Administrative Code of 1987. BAR’s specific mandate is to:"(1) ensure that all agricultural research is coordinated and undertaken for maximum utility to agriculture(Section 22).”